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Real before and after photos... real, smiling patients! See yourself how the advanced cosmetic dental skill of Dr. Peter Nelson have improved the smiles - and life experiences - of so many!

Case Study:

Adriana Kroha


Crooked, poorly spaced front teeth. Crowded, decay-affected rear teeth. Fractured upper front teeth. Shifting due to descending wisdom teeth.


Conventional braces. Crowded-tooth extraction. Composite bonding. Composite tooth-colored restorations. Fluoride treatment, Whitening.

“People never commented on my teeth before going to Dr. Nelson—now I get compliments every time I smile! Anyone even considering a new smile owes it to themselves to pay him a visit first.”
-- Adriana Kroha



Part of the National Historical Trust Registry, our lovingly restored, tranquil office combines old world charm with the most modern dental technologies and procedures available.

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717 Newfield Street, Middletown, CT 06457